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Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Career Is More Important Than Marriage - Timaya

37 year-old Nigerian superstar singer and dancehall act, Timaya has
revealed why he has not proposed to anyone so far.

The Bayelsa native has a babymama but has failed to tie the knot so
far and he revealed why the situation in his personal life is so.

He said that in marriage a man has to sacrifice himself to his woman,
and he is not ready for that.

He said:"I am not yet ready to get married and anyone who is looking
for that is only being deceived because I am too young to get married.
Marriage is not all about money and nobody knows what I have in the
bank because they are not my accountant. Musicians lie a lot, so don't
believe most of what they tell you. They are only trying to 'package'
themselves. I am not prepared for marriage because I am not yet ready
to sacrifice for any woman, I am sorry. My daughter is my life and I
love her so much but marriage is not on my mind. I don't want a
situation whereby I will tell a woman I want to travel somewhere and
she would be complaining."

Timaya has been one of the best Nigerian acts to come out of the
south, He has ammassed a great number of following since his first
album came out couple of years ago.


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