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Monday, 18 March 2019

Statement: Why Is Afenyo Markins Not Summoned By Parliament's Disciplinary Committee(Privileges Committee)

Preferably we have chosen to call him Afenyo Markins because he ceases to be an honorable member to most of us students and young leaders

Not quite long ago Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was summoned before the Parliament of Ghana disciplinary committee for his conduct as MP, if so, the multimillion dollar question remains mind boggling and some of us can't phantom, why Efutu constituency member of Parliament is walking around freely, what does it takes before the Parliament's disciplinary committee invite an honorable member of their noble house.

An honorable member of Parliament leading a devastating and a disastrous demonstration which in other words have been nicknamed as the 3rd World War by some students, Hon. Afenyo Markins went a step further to perpetrate his self centered agenda by paying ¢50 to students, some ¢100 with the tax payers money just to instigate a coup d'etat against the VC of our noble institution, Rev. Fr. Afful Broni by inciting students to cause more mayhem for the entire nation to hear, just because your wishes are not granted in full by the University, Hon the mere fact you choose to call UEW "Simpa University"  does not mean entirely that you are the Vice Chancellor of the School. Hon Kennedy Agyapong on his visit stated categorically in your presence that you are part of the problems UEW is battling with, I want to reemphasize that not only are you part but you are solely responsible for atrocities and lawlessness we found our self in now, you led the University into shadows and disarray but be reminded the University have not even more than 5% of students as indigenes of Efutu municipality, the University  belongs to Ghana and Simpa.

Enough is enough!!! with your diabolism, you will not and will never influence the appointment of VC for UEW with your selective amnesia. The political interference is enough, let the Governing Council be autonomous, give the VC a break and stop giving directives each and everyday as if you are an administrator/Chancellor. You can not state in an interview with Citi Fm and Radio Peace that you are bringing Prof. Avoke back as VC and just a week after you instigate an unlawful act and vandalism.

 The Parliament of Ghana (law makers) breaking the laws and allow you to roam about freely as you lead us (students) to behave as misguided elements, with your social deceptions, it will be very unfair on the side of Parliament to stand aloof and toothless to your act, we students and future generation are watching with our eagle eye from afar. Parliament suppose to be an honorable house we presume, why then should an honorable member lead such a catastrophic act that put the reputation of parliament in shadows. 

Not only does his act affect UEW, but goes a long way to affect Ghana and put a dent on our image within the international community. Parliament must act.

When have you ever come to show concerns and even attempt to provide a remedy to the problems we face with our accommodations/ hostels, lecture hall problems such as insufficient PA systems, have you ever made any attempt at all, since you claim to be more concerned.
Have you seen the new changes on campus for just few months, University Press open in new shape, new routines to aid our movements with ease, the in -out-out -in policy with new  affordable hostel buildings in place for final years, why were we suffering for all these years if our monies could have provided this infrastructures and facilities in place, honorable you turned blind sided to them and went further to request Gh¢10 to be added to our fees as your share, forgetting parliament fix fees and not VC Politicians will forever be politicians indeed!!.
We hail UEW!!. UEW comes first before you honorable.

It is the students legitimate cost to demonstrate for reinstatement of their lecturers for which they were allowed to do so, it can be stated categorically that the demonstration was peaceful monday and tuesday until you pop up with a new directives VC must resign, does students appoint Vice Chancellor??. You came to incite, motivate and engage some students to relegate rationality to the bar, push them to disobey public order act, go beyond their right to demonstrate and ensure your quest to overthrow the Very Rev. Fr, which you have been recorded recently on several platforms is achieved. It is not surprising at all that you became lawless and even issue a counter instruction to that of Regsec and your superior, Hon.Kwamena Duncan (Regional Minister)

If law-makers behave the way we saw in the case of uew demo then Ghana is gradually slipping into the Banana Republic, As an hon. member of parliament
 with the core mandate of law making and a lawyer, we students were expecting you to know better and lead us not astray but instead mentor us, let us be law abiding citizens and follow due procedures and not to take laws in our hands as in the "state of nature". Now your own people efutu is against your act and conduct as their MP and their big question to you remains, "now that over 25000 students are home, how do we sell, how do we trade, taxi drivers have similar concerns, restaurants and chop bar owners have similar concerns, barbers are asking same?!food vendors are asking same??.

The sad thing is, there has been fake reportage out there in the mass media, demonstration started with only a department, HYERS department, though few but they were powerful in doing their legitimate cost, but you came in with your town boys, one can not tell whether vigilante or militia  group, you alone can answer. They came to massacre, mess up and set the University ablaze. Some of us are surprised why you have not yet been called to order or petitioned to appear before the privileges committee of parliament, maybe we have to trigger Order 31 of your standing orders for immediate disciplinary proceedings against you, Hon. Afenyo Markins, with a view to meting out appropriate sanctions to serve as a deterrent to other members, whom might envisage similar unethical conduct. UEW is not been led by superhumans or Jesus Christ hence human errors are bound to happen but is this the best way to savage the situation Mr. MP, remember the interest of the larger group and not your parochial interest always politicians.

Mind you before you trivialize the issues, The Law must work, we were all witnesses right from the commencement

Long Live UEW
Long Live our Motherland

Coalition of Level 400 students.
 Nana Yaw Ansah Romeo(Leader)

Robert Kwaku Kyere

Yaw Adam Bala

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