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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Suncity Medical Outreach Ends At Kwatire Polyclinic

The week-long medical outreach programme sponsored by Suncity Radio and Suncity Imperial Lodge, ended successfully at the Kwatire polyclinic, on Sunday, April 1st, 2018.

According to the leader of the Medical Team, Prof Stephen Tabiri, a Consultant Surgeon at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Development Studies Tamale, 100 cases were successfully treated during the exercise at the Kwatire polyclinic, while 17 others were transferred to the Sunyani Municipal Hospital.

He said Hernia operation, was higher, accounting for over 40% of total cases treated, while cases like Lipoma, Hydrocele, Myomectomy and Total Abdominal Hystretomy followed in that order.

Prof Tabiri said in spite of the inertia that greeted the start of the exercise, it gathered momentum on subsequent days and developed into an exciting exercise.

He observed that unlike previously, the average Ghanaian now has no fear for surgical operation.

“Instead of shying away from operation, people now rush to undergo surgical treatment – this is a positive turn for effective health care delivery,” he told Suncity Radio’s Melvina Frimpong Manso.

Prof Tabiri was full of praise for all who played diverse roles to make the programme very successful; and expressed his excitement at the opportunity to give back to society, what one was endowed with. He also urged the people in and around Kwatire to patronise the health facility to save cost and time.

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