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Friday, 9 March 2018

Young Girl Accuses Emelia Brobbey Of Snatching Her Husband

A young girl has accused Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey of stealing her husband.

An Instagram user called @thosecalledcelebs, who made this known stated that the young girl whose husband has been snatched by the actress lives in the United Kingdom (UK).

@thosecalledcelebs, noted for posting celebrity gossips on his/her page said Emelia Brobbey once contacted [her] to help settle the issue without making any revelations following her first post on Instagram.

Read @thosecalledcelebs' full unedited post below:

@thosecalledcelebs @emeliabrobbey i decided not to voice out but some reasons i gotta come out. You talked ill about me and u was recorded. Emelia what did i do to u?? U first came to my DM oooo i didn’t come to urs.. U know we are too grown for dis discussion here but i have to ask my followers if i did something wrong to u n am ever ready to apologised. I was there one sunny afternoon on my old page @those_called_celebs and a lady who was carrying about 3 months babe came to ma DM dat…Emelia has collected her husband in UK and the guy is too young for Emelia. The boy is kumasi Tafo guy who lives in London. She said dey stay together as husband and wife n dey have two kids noww but Emelia is breaking her home. The lady was very sad paaaa. So i make a post throwing my random shades. ????????????after dat..i was there minding my business and EMELIA came to ma DM to ask me about de post n i told her dat .wat she is doing is bad so she shld let de poor girl enjoy her marriage. EMELIA tried all her best to convince to be on her side . As foolish as u all sees me! I followed Emelia to fight de girl. She requested for my telephone number n i said i dnt use fone ..i only uses a laptop so we can continue everything in ma dm.she said her boyfriend wanna thank me for fighting de poor girl and sacking her. I said no! So she told her boyfriend to come to ma DM to have a talk wid me. The boy came wid long essay n bla bla bla…i shld help him fight his wife cux dat lady is evil. Their last born kraaaa 3y3 di nhy3! De babe is not his girl cheated on him …he truly loves Emelia so i shldnt mind his ex wife. The guy really talked paaaa. Since then…Emelia became my ig friend. The guy ex wife came to ma DM to play me wood cux i have helped Emelia to collect her husband. So i supported EMELIA blindly for even raising her movie over Traceys own cux dey all came the same time. I dedicated maself paaaa for her without any penny oooo. After premiering her movie in Gh..she didn’t even say Thank u to me. So after she went to UK for another premier. .since dat day..she was feeling ashamed to come to my dm again so she sent her frnd #chocolatehair to ma dm to beg ..continue on comments ????

She continued:

She told her friend chocolate hair to come to ma dm to beg me to promote that premier in UK. De lady came to ma DM..i read her messages but i declined her. I didn’t even respond her cux i realized EMELIA is ungrateful and a cheat …she only wants to use me to do her dirty work dax why she is forcing herself on me for friendship. She started talking ill about me cux i refused to advertise her premier in UK. if u see her hating on me…dis is de main reason! braba ni3 When it’s coming it’s do.

Reacting to @thosecalledcelebs' post, Emelia posted;

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