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Monday, 26 February 2018

Influx Of Doom Prophecies In Ghana: You Cannot Subject It To Scrutiny – Lawyer

In the midst of many Ghanaian prophets prophesying doom, A private legal practitioner, Lawyer Eric Owusu Sae has explained the position of the Ghanaian law on the influx of doom prophecies.

In an interview with Melvina Frimpong Manso on Suncity 97.1 FM’s Showbiz 971 in Sunyani, Lawyer Owusu Sae revealed that the laws of the country do not deal with spirituality.

“We do not deal with spirituality when it comes to law. You cannot subject the prophecies to scrutiny. The law only deals with physical things.  There are uncertainties with these prophecies. It is what somebody thinks or believes and sometimes it is interpreted differently. Most Ghanaians are not bold. If we are bold things like this would not happen,” he said.

He, however, indicated that there are laws which regulate beliefs, but it is weakened in Ghana because people submit themselves voluntarily to the prophets due to the belief they have in what they prophesy.

Lawyer Owusu Sae was intrigued by the opportunity given to these prophets to propagate their message by a section of the Ghanaian media.

“It is sad that the Ghanaian media are giving them the platform to say all these things. If you listen to some radio stations, all they will be doing is prophesying doom.  It is worrying and it hampers our development. It does not let us fight forward in puts fear in people so they could not work towards their goals,” he lamented.

“It is interesting to know what some people deem as prophesy. We play a lot in this country. We have to be serious. We have created two different worlds for is an endemic problem in Africa,” the outspoken Lawyer stated.

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