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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Artisans Advised To Register Their Businesses

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of News Start for Artisans and Technicians Movement, Mr. Boahen Kofi Philip has advised Artisans in Sunyani and Ghana as a whole to register their businesses.

Mr. Boahen Philip speaking in an interview with the News Hunter Magazine said registering their businesses will be beneficial to them.

“If you register your business, it will be easy for you to be identified, so getting a loan from financial institutions would not be a herculean task.

“Day-in-Day-out things are changing rapidly as far as this sector is concerned so we need to be proactive and take advantage of certain things.”

He appealed to the government to bring the Registrar General Department closer to the people.

“If the registration offices are closer to the people, I think most of them will register if they know the importance of getting their businesses registered. At least every district should have an office where they will register their businesses,” he stated.

The CEO of New Start for Artisans and Technicians Movement lamented how difficult it is for one to get his/her business registered.

“Getting a business registered becomes a huge task, sometimes you have to travel to Accra to register if you want it to be done earlier. I do not understand why it takes so long for your business to be registered at the regional level.”
He also charged Artisans in the country to save more money for the future.

“Money is the backbone of every institution so let’s think about the future and save more. You may qualify for loans and other incentives to expand your business if you save with the banks or any legitimate financial institutions,” Mr. Boahen Kofi Philip enunciated.

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