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Monday, 8 December 2014

Ghana: Law Professor warns against weakening of chieftaincy institution

A founding member of the faculty of law at the University of Cape
Coast (UCC), Phillip Ebow Bondzi Simpson is warning against the
weakening chieftaincy institution.

He said the weak local government system does not only pose a threat
to development but also retards progress of communities in the

"Chieftaincy and local government is weak, therefore the governance at
the levels where we live is weak and we experience it every day."

According to him, the two systems that are supposed to serve as a
catalyst for development of the various communities have only been
decorated to satisfy some desires to the detriment of the local

Speaking at his inaugural lecture at UCC, Prof Bondzi Simpson cited
the restrictions on the powers of chiefs to perform certain roles and
functions in the communities as contributory factors to the sanitation
challenges and development gaps.

"Filth in our communities, the break out of communicable diseases and
the noise pollution are only examples to show that there is not real

The phenomenon according to him, has led to a situation where chiefs
have been reduced to ceremonial figures that are adorned to signify
their area of jurisdiction.

"The chieftaincy institution until today had been adorned, decorated,
beautified exalted but it has diminished."

He said the local government does not perform the functions for which
it was set up and has allowed central government operations to take
over its duties..

The law professor also made reference to the recent Supreme Court
decision where chiefs no longer have powers to summon anyone before
them hinting that is likely to weaken the institution all the more.

He said the system which allow harmonious development has been
undermined by the political class.

Credit: Myjoyonline

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