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Friday, 3 October 2014

Young Jeezy Sued --You Jacked My Song ...Claims Mystery Rapper

Young Jeezy just got called out for allegedly ripping off a Wisconsin
rapper ... who must be in witness protection because it's hard to find
any trace of him or his so-callled hit song.Christopher Syrrakos --
whose rap name is Big Chris -- claims Jeezy's summer hit, "Me OK" ...
is just a ripoff of his song "13 shots." In the suit, Chris claims he
dropped "13 shots" a full 5 years before Jeezy's track.But here's the
odd thing ... we can't find a trace of Big Chris' song or album ("Big
Chris Uncut") on Google, iTunes, or the Internet ... in general. We
suspect he'll surface ... IF he wins a cut of Jeezy's "Me OK" profits.


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