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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Movie actresses at war over sex for roles claim

Popular Kumawood actor, Akwasi Asamoah, aka Big Akwes has incurred the
wrath of movie actresses for daring to claim that producers and other
practitioners in the movie industry frequently sleep with actresses
before casting them to play in their movies.

The claim has led the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) to
ban Big Akwes from engaging in any filmmaking activity in the country
for 24 months.

A statement signed by FIPAG General Secretary, James Aboagye, states
that "FIPAG has sanctioned him for a period of twenty four months
effective September 23, 2014. Any FIPAG member, Marketer or
Distributor who engages his service as an actor or otherwise does so
at his or her own risk".

The statement said "Any film he is engaged in during this period will
not be scheduled for release".

A copy of the statement was sent to associations in the movie industry
to ensure its members do not hire the services of the actor.

FIPAG put the two- year ban on the actor for allegations he made on
RTV's Agoro Fie that producers and directors and actors sleep with
actresses before assigning them roles.

Speaking in Twi on the said radio discussion programme, Big Akwes said
that the act of producers sleeping with actresses had been a common
practice that even he, as an actor, has had his share and continues to
enjoy that booty.

He went ahead to challenge any producer who claims not to have ever
done so, to own up and take an oath.

Even before this ban by FIPAG, the Actresses Association of Ghana led
by Kumawoodactress, Mercy Asiedu, had sent Big Akwes a letter asking
him to retract his statement within three days or face court action.

Some individual actresses have also responded with indignation at Big
Akwes' claims that actresses normally sleep with movie producers in
return for roles.

Actress, Nikki Samonas, for example, has confirmed that indeed some
producers ask for sex before casting actresses in their movies.

She told Kwasi Aboagye during his Saturday Entertainment Review
programme on Peace FM that, she had been confronted with such a demand
before but she turned it down.

Another actress, Roselyn Ngissah, told Showbiz that she believes
producers sleeping with actresses before giving them roles is an act
of choice.

"I will not allow a producer to sleep with me but someone else would.
Under no circumstances will I sleep with a producer before I am given
a role. I personally believe that when you are good, the roles will
come your way."

Source: Graphic Online

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