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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dag Heward-Mills encourages a lot of sex in marriage

Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International has challenged
women to have a lot of sex in order to fulfill God's commandment of

He was inspiring the women of his church in one of his sermons, to
open up to their husbands for enough and good sexual pleasures, which
would eventually lead to pregnancies.

"You need to have a lot of sex to have pregnancy. It sounds basic," he
told the congregation, especially the women.

But most Christian marriages have been hitting the rocks as a result
of poor sexual activities in those marriages.

There is a popular belief that women are sexually active in most
aspects of a relationship when they are unmarried.

All these, change when they walk down the aisle and begin to flaunt a
gold-plated metal around the ring finger.

The situation, according to Heward-Mills, is mostly witnessed by
pastors who get such complaints from couples.

He said: "as a pastor you find out a lot of couples don't have sex
often. They are not active because the difference between boyfriend
and girlfriend; and husband and wife is like a difference between day
and night."

Boyfriend and girlfriend, he further explained were not supposed to do
it [have sex] but this golden rule in Christendom, is sometimes

"When you are doing something illegal, immediately, you are excited
because it is not allowed. And that excitement is gone sometimes, in
the marriage because, first of all, it is now legal and because it is
legal, the excitement seems to have gone," he emphasized.

Sexual pleasures between a boyfriend and a girlfriend alone, he stated
caused so much excitement because it is illegal.

But when it becomes binding on a married couple to have sex to bring
forth, "that excitement is gone sometimes in the marriage because it
is legal, the excitement seems to have gone."

Credit: Myjoyonline

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